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Buy LYFT premium nicotine (LYFT SNUS) pouches at The Royal Snus Online! BAT now launches LYFT as premium - the new generation LYFT. The premium Scandinavian LYFT designed box with flex lock and new logg. The best taste from LYFT series products are launched in two strengths. The highest quality Swedish nicotine pouches from LYFT with more content and 24 pouches per can what has been never seen on any of LYFT nicotine pouches before. What makes the new LYFT nicotine pouches can so unique? The new LYFT with FlexlockTM and 83% bio- based plastic box. The flex LockTM is an innovation that provides extra space in the lid to place the portion bags through a flexible and expandable membrane. The new LYFT premium series nicotine pouches consists of 6 products: BARISTA TWIST Regular & Mild- The mild taste of coffee with a nutty undertone. COOL AIR Regular & X-strong- A fresh experience of mint that gives you the feeling of Cool Air. JUST BLOOM Regular & Strong- Just Bloom combines elements of crunchiness and cider-like notes.

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