Siberia Nicotine Pouches

Siberia Nicotine Pouches

Buy Siberia tobacco free nicotine pouches (SIBERIA TOBACCO FREE SNUS) at The Royal Snus Online! Finally Siberia tobacco free version is here of the most iconic snus product on market- Siberia snus what is know as worlds strongest snus and dominant mint flavour.

Siberia snus is one of the world's strongest snus and it is unique in many ways. The most notable for SIBERIA snus that it is served with extremely high nicotine content of 43 mg/g and for the minty notes. The manufacturer GN Tobacco emphasizes that it is approximately 43 mg nicotine per gram in SIBERIA White Dry version snus what makes Siberia snus the most strongest Swedish Snus available on market. Siberia is one of the most popular Swedish snus products on market right now.

Siberia nicotine pouches

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